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Nottingham Girls' Academy

Curriculum Intent: Subjects

We aim to provide coherent curriculum documentation that:

  • All stakeholders understand.
  • Can be easily reviewed and updated so that it remains relevant and fit for purpose.
  • Facilitates effective delivery.

To achieve this, each faculty details the following aspects of their curricula:

  • Purpose of Study: why the subject is an essential ingredient of our curriculum.
  • Aims: what pupils will know, and be able to do, as a result of studying the subject.
  • Curriculum-at-a-glance: what pupils will learn during each half-term of study.
  • Medium Term Plan: the Learning Journey, learning Challenge and Learning Consolidation for each unit.

Please click on the links below to view the documents for each faculty:

English and Media 




Please note: This locally agreed syllabus for RE is taught within our Geography, History and  PSHE curriculums.

Modern Foreign Languages 

Business and Computing 

Creative Arts 

Performing Arts 

Please note: the performing arts curriculum covers our curricula for dance, drama and music.

Social Sciences 

PE and Sport 

Learning Support 

For further details of changes that some faculties have been made to these plans in light of school closures due to the Coronavirus Pandemic, please see our Recovery Curriculum page in the Covid-19 Information Hub.

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