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Nottingham Girls' Academy

Revision and Support Materials

There are a wide range of materials available to support learning.  Click on the bottom of this page to access the particular links to educational websites.

Click the link to the right for access to the amazing GCSEPod revision website.

Whilst every effort is made to ensure these websites are suitable for our pupils, we cannot be responsible for their content and would encourage parents to monitor their child whilst working on-line.

Read more information in our Digital Citizenship Contract.


  • BBC Bitesize for KS3 History
  • SHP History Year 7 Pupil's Book: The Roman Empire and England 1066-1500: Pupil's Book Year 7


  • Scientific calculators

Art and Design

  • Basic stationary (rubber ,sharpener, glue), including a 2B pencil
  • Paints / Aquarelles would be useful to have at home if used correctly!


  • Search on Google for free lit/num games
  • Read anything! Including magazines, comics, books, recipes, instructions
  • Practice spellings in all subject areas as many times as possible with look, cover, write, check method
  • Memory games - put 15 objects on a tray, cover and then try to write down as many as you can.  Remember or look at the tray, take something away and then try to work out what is missing.

EAL (English as an Additional Language)

  • If maths is a concern (learning multiplications, division etc), we recommend a resource called 'numicon' (parents can buy a homework set for £15 from Amazon)
  • Having a friendly looking dictionary / thesaurus to use (developing vocabulary through conversation and in homework etc)
  • Oxford Primary Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling Dictionary (Oxford Dictionary) - goes over the English Language rules in a nice, accessible way
  • Dictionaries for maths / scientific terms

BBC Bitesize has free resources for many KS3 subject areas.

Student Support Materials