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Nottingham Girls' Academy

Pastoral Support

We are a relatively small Academy and can, therefore, ensure that each individual pupil is supported with an efficient and caring system of pastoral care.

Each year group is divided into a number of different tutor groups.  Each of these groups is in the charge of a Form Tutor, who plays a major role in supporting the academic progress and in providing pastoral care for each child in the group.

Form Tutors will build an extensive knowledge of each pupil in their group and are the first port-of-call for parents/carers should any problems or questions arise involving their child.

The Form Tutors are led by Heads of Year, whose responsibility is to co-ordinate and support the work of Form Tutors and to oversee the academic and social progress of the year as a whole.

We seek to maintain pastoral relationships with Form Tutors and Heads of Year.  Whenever possible, therefore, pastoral staff remain with the same group and cohorts as they progress through each Year group of the school.