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Nottingham Girls' Academy

Year 11

Mrs A Kotze - Head of Year 11

Year 11 consists of 6 tutor groups:

  • 11 OBAMA CTU (C Tucker, English)
  • 11 CAMPBELL KTE (K Telamitsi, Mathematics & M Booth, Mathematics)
  • 11 WATSON SAL (S Al-Najjar, English & R Johnson, Music)
  • 11 SCOTT KFI (K Fisher, English)
  • 11 ASHER-SMITH NSR (N Strachan, Science)
  • 11 HUSSAIN NYO (N Younas, Mathematics/ R Johnson, Music/H Stead, Deputy Head of Year 11)

In Year 11, individual progress is tracked and monitored on a weekly basis. This helps to ensure that all learners are making as much progress as possible.

Coursework catch-up sessions are also offered for all subjects after school, along with a daily lunchtime club which pupils can attend.

Elections take place at the end of Y10 to nominate representatives for each form group, Head Girl, Deputy Head Girls and prefects. These responsibilities commence at the start of Y11.

A Kotze - Head of Year 11

H Stead - Deputy Head of Year 11

C Burke - Standards & Progress Lead for Year 11

K Meade - SLT Line Manager of Year 11