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Nottingham Girls' Academy

Year 10

Mrs K Castledine-Casey - Head of Year 10 

Year 10 consists of 6 mixed-ability tutor groups:

  • 10SMA (S Mahmood, Science)
  • 10BOA (B Oakes, Physical Education)
  • 10SJO (J Taylor-Hayes, Social Sciences/V Henderson, Physical Education/A Evans, Social Sciences)
  • 10SEL (S Elharm, Mathematics)
  • 10ATR (A Traylor, Technology)
  • 10ESE (E Sherriff, Science)

In Year 10, we expect pupils to behave as role models to the younger pupils in the Academy, to wear their uniform properly and to show care and consideration towards everyone. In tutor time, pupils study a variety of topics, including parenting, where they also get the opportunity to take a baby simulator home if they wish. Other topics include preparing for examinations, target setting and developing study skills as well as discussing current affairs.

Year 10 can be quite challenging for students as they begin the hard work of GCSEs. Lots of support is offered in school through study clubs, mentoring and catch up sessions and students support each other in all aspects of school.

Later on in the academic year students will be asked to consider applying for Head Girl and prefect roles, these positions will be effective at the beginning of year 11.

K Castledine-Casey - Head of Year 10

R Gascoyne - Assistant Head of Year 10

T Carey - Line Manager of Year 10


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