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Nottingham Girls' Academy


Click here for online ordering of uniform:  Price and Buckland

How to Order Uniform Online (pdf).

We believe that wearing our distinctive uniform gives our pupils a sense of ‘belonging’, helps foster pride in themselves and the academy and removes issues arising from peer pressure or inequity.

Our pupils are our ambassadors in the community.  We therefore expect pupils to wear full Academy uniform when travelling to and from the school, at all Academy functions, on extra-curricular visits and when taking part in representative sport.

Our uniform can be purchased online via our school website.  Under the parents section, there is a uniform tab, once you click on this you will be able to access the Price and Buckland uniform online store services.

Uniform for Pupils at Key Stage 3 and 4

  • An Academy tie.
  • A traditional white shirt, which has a fastened top button and is tucked into trousers or a skirt.
  • Black trousers* or skirt.
  • Academy pullover, in purple for Key Stage 3 pupils and black for Key Stage 4 pupils, with the Academy logo.
  • Black or dark grey socks with black trousers.
  • Black tights or white socks with black skirts.
  • Black shoes that are able to take polish. For safety, they must have a flat sole or a heel of no more than 2cm. Trainers or trainer style shoes are not permitted.

Some pupils may wish to wear a Shalwar Kameez in academy purple or black. This is acceptable as long as the Kameez is at least knee length.

Coats and Bags

All pupils should have a warm coat for the journey to and from the Academy and between classroom blocks. Denim jackets are not allowed.

Pupils are expected to carry a suitable school bag which is large enough to carry their equipment, books and PE/dance kit. We recommend rucksack style bags.

Jewellery, Nails and Make-up

We allow pupils to wear a small, plain, metal ear-stud in the lower lobe of each ear.

Additional ear-studs, earrings, nose studs and other facial jewellery are not acceptable.  Retainers of any kind are not permitted.

Bracelets, bangles and necklaces are also not permitted.  Pupils in Key Stage 4 may wear one ring on their fingers.

Nail varnish and acrylic nails are not permitted.

If make-up is noticeable, it is too much and the pupil will be required to remove it.

Hair and Headwear

Hair must be of a natural colour/tone.  Styles should not be excessive and  ‘cuts' of any shape or design (in hair or eyebrows) are not acceptable.

For their own safety, and that of fellow pupils, we ask that pupils tie shoulder length hair up.

Caps are not allowed.

Head scarves should be plain grey, black or purple.

PE and dance kit for all years:

  • Black tracksuit bottoms.
  • Black short-sleeved sports polo shirt with purple panels and the Academy logo.
  • Black long-sleeved reversible sports shirt with purple panels and the Academy logo.
  • Suitable trainers or other PE footwear.
  • In addition, girls can order black shorts and a black fleece with the Academy logo on.

* Jeans or jean style trousers, cords, ‘hipster', tapered or tight-fitting (eg ‘Revs’ style) trousers are not appropriate. Skirts should be no shorter than knee length and should not be fitted or of a tight stretch material. ‘Skater’ style skirts are not suitable. As a rule of thumb, trousers and skirts should be modest.