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Nottingham Girls' Academy

Staff at NGA

For the full list of staff at the Nottingham Girls' Academy, please select the appropriate list.

These details are correct as of 31 September 2021.

The Senior Leadership Team 

The Academy is led by Mr D Tungate, the Principal. 

There is also a Senior Leadership Team (SLT) of Deputy Principals and Assistant Principals.

Curriculum Management is undertaken by Heads of Department who are responsible for the efficient delivery of the National Curriculum.  Year Heads manage the year teams and oversee the pastoral welfare of all pupils.

D Tungate


Pastoral Link for: Y8 and Sixth Form

Faculty link for:




Strategic lead for:

Overall Effectiveness,

Curriculum Intent 

J Mora 

Deputy Principal

A Sharpe

Deputy Principal

Pastoral link for: Y11

Faculty link for:

English & Media


Strategic lead for: 

Quality of Education

Pastoral link for: 

Faculty link for:



Strategic lead for: 

Pastoral Support

K Meade

Assistant Principal

M Heron

Acting Assistant Principal






T Carey

Acting Assistant Principal

Pastoral link for: Y9

Faculty link for:

PE & Sport

Business & Computing

Strategic lead for: 

Curriculum Implementation

Professional Development

Initial Teacher Training

Pastoral link for: Y7

Faculty link for:

Creative Arts

Performing Arts

Strategic lead for:



Community Voice

Pastoral link for: Y10

Faculty link for:


Social Science

Strategic lead for: 

Behaviour & Attitudes

Careers & Employability

Cultural Capital

R Turner-Ramadan
Assistant Principal

(Maternity Leave)

J Evans
Assistant Principal

(Maternity Leave)


V Brierley
Regional Finance Manager

H Thornton
PA to the Principal

Faculty link for: 


Strategic lead for:




Strategic lead for:

Human Resources, Communication

Faculty Teams 
English and Media 
J Simpson Head of Faculty
K Fisher 2nd in Faculty
S Al-Najar  
N Green  
B Hughes  
K Meade Assistant Principal
M Mehan-Passi  
C Tucker  
Media & Film  
B Asher Acting Head of Year 8 / Teacher i/c Media
M Booth Head of Faculty
C Mullings 2nd in Faculty / Numeracy Coordinator
S Elharm  
J Siddy  
A Kaur  
J Rushby ITT Coordinator
C Taylor  
D Tungate Principal
T Whittamore  
N Younas  
A Marshall Head of Faculty
A Green 2nd in Faculty / STEM Coordinator
H Kaur  
A Kotze Head of Year 9
S Mahmood  
K Megran  
E Sherriff  
C Stapleton  
J Van Den Broek  
C Hodgson Head of Faculty
F Hennessey 2nd in Faculty (i/c Geography)
M Russell 2nd in Faculty (i/c History)
K Castledine-Casey Head of Year 10
C Green  
E Richardson Head of Year 11
S Watson Head of Year 7
Modern Foreign Languages 
N Cross Acting Head of Faculty
T Carey Acting Assistant Principal
R Gangneux PSHE Coordinator
S Jones (Maternity Leave)
E Lowry  
S Ramsdale  
Computing & Business
A Gaskell Head of Faculty
A Sharpe Deputy Principal
M Heron Acting Assistant Principal
F Glover  
Creative Arts 
R Harding Head of Faculty
H Napleton  
N Lawrence  
A Traylor  
J Pye Teacher i/c Art
PE & Sport 
V Henderson Head of Faculty
C Burke Standards and Progress Lead - Year 11
B Oakes  
R Turner-Ramadan Assistant Principal
Performing Arts 
J Hawley Head of Faculty
L Gratton Maternity leave
A McIlhone  
K Menz  
L Downie-Tosini Teacher i/c Music
Social Sciences 
A Evans Head of Faculty
J Evans Assistant Principal
J Saunders Careers and Employability Coordinator
E Short Head of Sixth Form
A Suter  
R Turner-Ramadan Assistant Principal
Learning Support 
Z Scholtz Head of Faculty / SENDCo
A Scotney Deputy SENDCo
L Ching SEND Learning Mentor
K Cox Literacy Coordinator
B Dowell           SEND Learning Mentor
D Harper SEMH Inclusion Coordinator
D Harvey Teaching Assistant
L Murphy Teacher i/c EAL
N Saddique SEND Learning Mentor
S Watson Apprentice Learning Assistant (SEND)
Pastoral Teams 
Year 7 
S Watson Head of Year
R Jordan Deputy Head of Year
M Heron SLT Link
Year 8 
B Asher Acting Head of Year
D Tungate SLT Link
Year 9 
A Kotze Head of Year
H Stead Deputy Head of Year
K Meade SLT Link
Year 10 
K Castledine-Casey Head of Year
R Gascoyne Deputy Head of Year
T Carey SLT Link
Year 11 
E Richardson Head of Year
Vacant Deputy Head of Year
C Burke Standards and Progress Lead
J Mora SLT Link
Sixth Form 
E Short Head of Year
T Johnson Deputy Head of Year
D Tungate SLT Link
Pupil Welfare 
H Cast Student Support Leader / Deputy DSL
W Chapman Education Welfare Officer & Parent Liaison Officer
D Tungate SLT Link / DSL
Support Teams 
Administrative Staff 
H Thornton PA to the Principal
K Ashurst Cover Manager
J O'Leary Cover Supervisor
D Gregory Examinations Officer
N Walters Data Assistant
J Greasley Resources Technician
E Williams Resources Technician / Health and Safety Contact / Library Assistant
M France Receptionist / Administrator
L Norman Receptionist / Administrator
S Tattershall Senior Technician
T Ching Science Technician
J Jennings Technology Technician

M Smalley


Performing Arts Assistant / Media and Communications Officer

K Everard Careers Administrator
Finance Staff 
V Brierley Regional Finance Manager
J Hubbard Finance Officer
M O'Dowd Finance Assistant
Site Staff 
J Wesson Site Manager
F Holyk Assistant SIte Manager
M Randall Site Technician
Catering Staff 
B Grady Chef Manager
M Sileshi Assistant Chef
L Akhtar Catering Assistant
A McDonald Catering Assistant
L Middleton Catering Assistant
N Stewart Catering Assistant
T Elston Midday Supervisory Assistant
C McNally Midday Supervisory Assistant