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Nottingham Girls' Academy

Recovery Curriculum

We are very aware that our pupils missed vital content when we were all trying our best with home learning last year. We therefore wanted to be able to start school this September as prepared as possible.

Planning Questions

To support each of our faculties them with this they were asked to consider the following questions:

For each year group:

  • Which topics/units, that have been missed during lockdown, provide an essential foundation for the learning required moving forwards?
  • As we advance with the curriculum, which topics/units will be essential to cover and which (although important for a rich, balanced study of your subject) might be less of a priority?
  • Can the curriculum be resequenced so that any essential learning that has been missed can be covered in place of curriculum areas that are less of a priority?
  • If essential learning has been missed during lockdown, and there are no obvious resequencing opportunities, are there any ways in which we can accelerate your curriculum delivery without unacceptable compromises in quality?

With a greater emphasis for younger year groups:

  • Can you incoporate units that will help pupils reflect on their experiences of lockdown and improve their knowledge of the events that have taken place? For example, units that: help reflect on the anxieties and traumas of lockdown; the fear of contracting Covid-19; loss and bereavement; adapting to the changes to social norms; resilience; our sense of community; equality; re-establishing routine; motivation to succeed and work hard.)

For Key Stage 4 and 5:

  • Have you taken into consideration the adaptations that Ofqual have asked examination boards to ake to the exained content in 2021?
  • How can we best utilise after school revision sessions to catch-up?
  • Assessment and targeted intervention will be even more important. How can we quickly identify gaps, provide effective and targeted intervention and re-check learning? (Eg Extensive and careful use of PLCs, GCSEPod, Mathswatch, relevant PiXL Apps, etc)
Recovery Curricula

The plans that departments have made in response to these questions can be accessed below. These show what different faculties will be doing differently from their usual curriculum in these special circumstances.