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Nottingham Girls' Academy

RSHE Consultation Information

In July 2020 we began our consultation process on our Relationship, Sex and Health Education here at NGA. This consultation gave, staff, students and parents the opportunity to read our PSHE curriculum mapping documents, to view a sample of tutorial resources, to read about the programme on our website page and to feedback information via a questionnaire.

Both a copy of the parent letter and the questionnaires can be found below.

Parent Letter


This letter was sent out in July for consultation.


Parent/Carer and Pupil Questionnaires

Unfortunately, we have completed the consultation on this now. If you would like more information or to pass on your feedback, please contact Mrs Turner-Ramadan on





Disclaimer:  While your views as parents are welcome and will be genuinely reflected on to reach our final decisions, they do not amount to a veto over curriculum content. We understand that different parents/ carers are likely to have conflicting views and the academy needs to consider other factors, alongside parent/carer views, in making our decision. This means that a veto from parents/carers is not possible and would not be in the best interests of the Academy. We are clear that all parties should engage in open, constructive and respectful dialogue at all times.


RSHE Consultation Findings


We have analysed the findings from the questionnaires and we have made some changes to the information that was available in July. Please see below the changes that we have made:

  • The Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) curriculum mapping document has changed to accommodate the science curriculum, there has been some movement to ensure our students understand the safety aspects and the law regarding their decisions around sex and that religious beliefs need to be holistically discussed.
  • More information has been added to the PSHE Policy which focuses on RSE, to make parents/carers more aware of the materials and resources that are available to support them with their conversations at home.
  • A summarised science curriculum mapping document which identifies where RSE is taught in science lessons.
  • Phone calls to a mixture of parents/carers from students in different year groups, to discuss some specific individual feedback.
  • We had discussions with the RSE Consultant for Nottingham City Council regarding age appropriate content and resources. 

Analysis from the questionnaires

Once again, we thank you for your continued support and your feedback is always valued and appreciated.

As we have completed the consultation on this now, if you would like more information or to pass on your feedback, please contact Mrs Turner-Ramadan on