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Nottingham Girls' Academy


Punctuality to school

Pupils are expected to be on time to school and to all lessons. Punctuality is a core aspect of future employability and getting into good habits and routines is essential.
A pupil is deemed to be late for school if they are not in their tutor room by the time the 8.45am bell rings. When a pupil is late to school, they will miss part (or all) of tutor time. This means they will miss vital notices for their day and uniform and equipment checks, so that they are ready to begin their learning P1. We place a great deal of importance on this and treat lateness to school seriously. The sanctions for lateness to school are graduated according to the number of times a pupil is late in a week as follows:

Punctuality to lessons

When you are late, you disrupt the learning of other pupils in that lesson as well as your own. This is not acceptable, and the expectation will be reinforced with an escalation of same day after school detentions. As explained below, pupils that are persistently late to lessons will have further sanctions imposed.


If pupils truant lessons, they are displaying a red line behaviour, therefore there will be an immediate 30-minute same-day after school detention issued for each lesson truanted, where they will catch up with missed learning from the lesson.

If this persists, further sanctions will be put into place following a parental meeting to understand what is driving the truancy.



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