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Nottingham Girls' Academy

Meet the Team

Year 7 Team

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Welcome video from Mrs Watson - Head of Year 



 Mrs Jordan - Deputy Head of Year

Hello, I’m Mrs Jordan and I will be your Deputy Head of Year as you begin your journey at Nottingham Girls Academy. I am looking forward to meeting you all and getting to know you and being there to support the next exciting chapter in your education. I will be there to listen to you, support you through the positive and the tricky times, challenge you to learn and to do your best.

I have been a primary teacher for the last 20 years and so know how excited you will be to begin secondary but also know that you will be nervous and have some worries at the same time, that’s completely normal!

A bit about me… I love spending time with my family and taking our puppy, Willow, for walks. One of my favourite things to do is to go camping and spend time in the sea paddleboarding, bodyboarding and kayaking. In the summer you can usually find me by the beach in either France or Devon.


 7ELO - Miss Lowry

Hi, I’m Miss Lowry and I teach Spanish. My hobbies and interests include waterpolo, painting, cats  and learning languages (currently learning Italian!) 

Our community is so diverse with such a rich variety in languages and culture. It is such a pleasure to show pupils how our languages differ from one another and explore the role of language in our identity. I also love watching my pupils build their confidence as they are forced out of their comfort zone and become better communicators! I am really excited to become a Year 7 tutor next year and show you all around NGA. I was new last year so I have a fresh understanding of how overwhelming it can be going into a big new place with lots of names and rules to learn! I am really eager to show you all how welcoming we really are here at NGA and help you all get used to our expectations, but also the opportunities that you can take advantage of here with us! 

 7SRA - Miss Ramsdale

Hola! My name is Miss Ramsdale and I teach Spanish at NGA. I love learning and teaching languages because it has opened up a whole new world in which I can meet new people and try new things both abroad and in Nottingham. I am really excited to be a Year 7 tutor and to work together with you all to make your time at NGA an enjoyable one. When I’m not at school, I like sports, especially swimming. I have also recently started rock climbing. I also love to knit and I am currently making a jumper, although it’s taking a long time… ! I’m looking forward to meeting you all in September. 

 7CST - Mr Stapleton

My name is Mr Stapleton; I am a Science teacher at Nottingham Girls Academy.  I love my subject because it allows us to answer all the world's complex questions, and hopefully inspires some of you in the future.

Outside of school I have two children, both in primary school next year, and I enjoy playing basketball, and supporting Liverpool FC.

I look forward to working with and supporting you next year at NGA.

 7FGL - Mr Glover

Hi Year 7s, my name is Mr Glover and l am a teacher of Computing and Business Studies. I love computing as it is all about finding a solution to problems but, most importantly, having fun at the same time. Can you imagine how life would be like without computers during the current lockdown? Hmm... l can’t wait for you to join my tutor group so we can continue the fun!  See you all soon.

 7AKA - Miss Kaur

I’m Miss Kaur. I enjoy teaching maths and helping pupils feel confident. I’m looking forward to getting to know my tutor group and supporting them in their transition to secondary school. I enjoy teaching maths and helping pupils feel confident. I’m looking forward to getting to know my tutor group and supporting them in their transition to secondary school. My hobbies include watching movies, playing board games and travelling.