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Nottingham Girls' Academy

Exam Results Days 2020

Updated 19 August 2020

When are they?

A-Level Results Day is Thursday 13 August 2020

GCSE Results Day is Thursday 20 August 2020

What time can I come in?

Due to the current circumstances with Covid-19, we need to continue to adhere to the government guidance and social distancing until further notice.

To limit the number of people we have on site at any one time, we will only be allowing your daughter on site to collect her results (she cannot bring any friends or family on site with her).

She has also been allocated a strict time during the day when she can collect their statement of results; the timings are as follows:

Year 13

Surname beginning with  Time slot
A, B, C, D, E and F 10:00 am
G, H, I, J, K, L and M 10:30 am
N, O, P, Q, R, S, T, U, V, W, X, Y and Z 11.00 am

Year 11

Surname beginning with  Time slot
A 8.00 am
B and C 8.30 am
D, E, F and G 9.00 am
H 9.30 am
I and J 10.00 am
K and L 10.30 am
M 11.00 am
N, O, P, Q and R 11.30 am
S 12.00 am
T, U, V, W, X, Y and Z 12.30 am

Your daughter MUST arrive to school at the time allocated above.

If she is late or cannot make the time slot given, she will not be allowed on site and her results will be posted to the home address we have on our system; this will take a further 2-3 days.


If you are travelling by car, it is important that you remain in your vehicle whilst your daughter is collecting her results.

If your daughter is travelling via public transport, she will need to store her face mask in a Ziplock bag on arrival.

Social Distancing

When on site, your daughter will be expected to abide by the social distancing measures in place and follow the instructions given by members of staff on the day.

What if we cannot make it on that day or at that time?

If, for any reason, your daughter is unable to collect her results on the day, and you wish the results to be released to another person, this must be confirmed by emailing our examinations officer prior to results day.

How were my grades worked out?

A Levels and GCSEs

Your grades have been awarded using whichever is higher out of your Centre Assessed Grade (the grade submitted to the exam board by your teacher) and the Awarding Body Standardised Grade (the grade calculated using the exam board’s algorithm).

Teachers submitted grades in each subject, based on what they expect pupils would have likely achieved had they sat exams this summer, as well as a ranking for each pupil, for each grade within a subject. These assessments were based on available evidence which may have included:

  • pupils’ classwork and bookwork, or performances in subjects like PE, music or drama;
  • any non-exam assessment;
  • the results of any assignments or mock exams; and
  • any previous exam results


The awarding body for BTECs, Pearson's, had used a separate algorithm to calculate grades based on teacher assessment for incomplete coursework units and historical performance for units that are normally examined  However, at 4.30pm on Wednesday 19th August they issued a statement saying that they were going to recalculate grades and would issue new grades 'as soon as they can'.

Although we have been asked not to issue you with the original grade, the late notice makes this impossible to administrate. You will therefore receive the original calculated grade that Pearson's we're going to award and we will update you as soon as we have the recalculated grade. No grades will go down from this point onwards  

What should I do if I want to appeal a grade?

There are only a small number of specific circumstances where an appeal can be lodged with an Awarding Body:

  • the awarding body did not apply procedures consistently, or procedures were not followed properly and fairly;
  • the awarding body made an error and used the wrong data in calculating results;
  • the result generated was incorrectly issued by the awarding body to one or more candidates.
  • the centre provided the awarding body with incorrect data.

A request for an appeal must be sent by the Academy to the Awarding Body on your behalf.

To request an appeal, there is an online form on the Academy website. You will need to supply information so we can confirm your identity and can contact you and outline the evidence you feel we should look at in relation to the appeal you are requesting.

If you wish to appeal any grades you must complete the following form by Thursday 10th September.

Examination Results Appeal Form

Can I request other relevant information?

If you would like any other relevant information from an Awarding Body in respect of your result(s), please email me:

Can I sit an examination to improve my grade?

If you are unhappy with your grades and you are not able to complete the appeal process, the Awarding Bodies have provided the opportunity for candidates that were entered for the examinations in the Summer to sit them in October (for A Levels) or November (for GCSEs). If you wish to be entered for the examinations in October, you will need to inform me by email ( by Wednesday 2nd September 2020 for A Levels or Wednesday 16th September for GCSEs.

When do I get my certificates?

Your certificates will arrive into school at the beginning of November. Please ensure that you provide your current email address on results day so that we are able to contact you about when to collect them or so that we can arrange for them to be posted to you.

Support and guidance with next steps

To help us support your daughter with her next steps, we will ask her to complete a destination form. Miss Short, the Head of Sixth Form, will be on site during the allocated times to meet and support your daughter through this.

There will also be a careers adviser available on the day to advise and support your daughter through any issues or queries she may have. 

You can also visit the Year 11: Next Steps ot Year 13: Next Steps page for further guidance.