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Nottingham Girls' Academy

Proposal for Focused SEND Provision - Stakeholder Consultation

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5 February 2024

Dear Stakeholder, 

Consultation: Additional Special Education Needs Provision 

I am writing to inform you of some proposed changes to the education provision at Nottingham Girls’ Academy. 

We are working in partnership with Nottingham City Inclusion Education Service (IES) to provide additional focused provision places at Nottingham Girls’ Academy for pupils in Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4. This provision will be designed for girls who have moderate learning difficulties (MLD) whose learning is well below age related expectations at the end of Key Stage 2 - usually at about Year 1 level. Some of these pupils will have additional needs, such as Autism. 

As you may be aware, children on roll at Nottingham Girls’ Academy who meet this criterion, are supported through our two ‘Alternative Curriculum’ groups: one group at Key Stage 3, and one group at Key Stage 4, with approximately 14 pupils in total currently being supported. 

In partnership with Nottingham City’s IES we are aiming to expand that provision to up to 24 places, across two Key Stage 3 groups and two Key Stage 4 groups. The additional 10 places will be allocated through the local authority IES. 

The curriculum is designed to meet the specific learning and social needs of each pupil with an emphasis on: oracy to support communication and interaction; understanding the world around us to develop cultural capital; development of independent learning, personal safety and life skills; and integration within the mainstream environment (where curriculum and structures allow). Pupils are empowered to learn within their group because lessons are pitched at where each pupil is ‘at’, enabling them to achieve their next steps securely and with confidence. Key Stage 4 pupils work towards Entry Level qualifications and GCSEs where possible. 

As part of this plan, we are aiming to build an additional block comprising: four classrooms; breakout spaces; a social space; and an office. This will be situated on the Nottingham Girls’ Academy site adjacent to the main building. The build will be paid for through a combination of local authority Section 106 capital funding, available for education provision in Aspley, due to the recent housing developments on Robins Wood Road, and additional capital investment from the Local Authority to increase SEND capacity in the city.  

These changes will not affect the children who already attend Nottingham Girls’ Academy, or those who will apply in the normal way in the coming years. It will, however, further enhance the quality of our provision in our already highly regarded Alternative Curriculum groups by providing custom-built spaces. Importantly, the changes will provide additional places for girls who may otherwise face significant additional barriers in attending a mainstream setting due to the intensive support required to help them make progress.  

The new provision will be led by the existing school leadership team, supported by staff who have developed expertise in this area. We will also be recruiting additional staff to work with us. We plan to open this new resource in September 2025, building work permitting. 

We are seeking views from stakeholders such as yourself so please get in touch if you have any questions or feedback. We particularly want to work proactively with neighbouring schools and trusts. Please email any feedback to, putting ‘Specially Resourced Provision’ in the subject line. 

We will endeavour to reply to all responses as quickly as we can. The consultation period runs from today, for 4 school weeks (interrupted by half term), until midnight, Sunday 10th March 2024. 

Yours faithfully


Mr David Tungate

Executive Principal