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Nottingham Girls' Academy

Subject Information from Ofqual


AQA GCSE History exam changes 2022

The 3 units for history will be:

Paper 1 - 1hr - Conflict & Tension: The Inter-War years, 1918-1939

Paper 2 - 2hrs - Britain: Health and the People c1000 to the present day; Elizabethan England c1568-1603

Social Sciences 
Business Studies & Creative iMedia

For the Cambridge Nationals in Creative iMedia and Enterprise and Marketing (Business), there are normally four units that need completing - one exam unit and three coursework units. For both courses, students were entered for the exam unit last year and we worked on one coursework unit. For these units, TAGs (Teacher Assessed Grades) were entered (as the exams were cancelled) and we only partially completed the coursework unit due to the disruption.

To help mitigate the disruption, Ofqual have reduced the number of units necessary. Therefore, this year we only need to complete one coursework unit as we can drop the other one. However, this means that the weighting and significance of this unit is increased as the grade from it will also be used as the grade for the dropped unit.

The final deadline to get the marks for this unit to the exam board is 15 May 2022. To ensure that we have time to mark the work and get all the paperwork ready, the deadline for the students to complete this unit is set as 30 April 2022. There can be no extensions. Please encourage your child to complete work as soon as possible so that they are not leaving it to the last minute.

OCR Sport Science

Content to be updated as soon as released by exam board. 

Performing Arts

Content to follow.


Content to follow.