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Nottingham Girls' Academy

How do I choose the right courses?

Which are the right courses for you?

Key to your success at post-16 is selecting the right courses for you.

If you know what you want to study at university or what career you would like, then ideally you need to pick courses that link to those degree courses or jobs.

But lots of people don't know what they want to study at university or what career they would like.

And some people might not be ready for the courses they really need or want  to do, and might need to rethink their options or get help planning how to get where they want to. 

Whatever your situation, you should choose your courses carefully based on a number of factors:

  • Do you perform better with coursework or exams?
  • Which subjects do you enjoy?
  • Which subjects do you do well in?
  • Will you meet the  entry requirements?

And you should not pick courses just because your friends are taking them!

What courses does NGA have?

We have prepared some short presentation that tell you about each of our courses and provide some preparation tasks.

They are split into Academic Courses and Vocational Courses.

Academic Courses (A Levels)

Click a button to go to the subject presentation video:

Vocational Courses

Click a button to go to the subject presentation video:

Prepare for the courses you hope to study next year

Once you have a clear idea of the courses you would like to study, take a look at the Preparing to start in NGA Sixth Form page for activities you can do ahead of starting at NGA Sixth Form.











English LIterature:



Film Studies:
























Applied Human Biology:



Business Studies:






Health and Social Care:



Information Technology:



Performing Arts: