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Nottingham Girls' Academy

Curriculum Equality

At NGA we try to celebrate our diversity. We are so lucky to have pupils and staff from such a wide variety of different races, faiths and backgrounds - from countries all around the world. Our curriculum teaches about inequality and our policies state that we won’t accept it. But we are committed to doing more.

To challenge the present requires our pupils to understand the struggles of the past, to properly appreciate each other’s culture and heritage and to have pride in who we are. We challenge our teachers to constantly appraise the curriculum in their subject areas and whether it fully embraces the following
statements of intent:

“We want the young women who leave our academy to have choice. To feel they can challenge stereotypes and break from tradition. To be socially mobile. To be well rounded, self-confident and proud of who they are. To think both locally and globally.”

“We want our curriculum to reflect what it means to be a young, British woman today; for our pupils
to know about the struggle and sacrifice that has led to the freedom and opportunity they have. We want them to know about their heritage and culture, and that of others in our community, enabling them to celebrate it and contribute to the progress of democracy as global citizens.”


As a school, we understand that we are an essential part of the ongoing process of change. We continually reflect on our policies and curriculum and implement change where needed. There is no place for prejudice, of any kind, in any society or community and we will not tolerate it in ours.

We are determined that the young women who attend Nottingham Girls’ Academy continue to be educated about how essential equality is. We want them to be equipped with the knowledge and understanding to peacefully challenge inequality wherever they see it. The adults in our community need to model that for them. With your support we can make sure our children grow up in a fairer, kinder and more equal society.

Curriculum Equality Group

Updated 27 June 2020

To further support this work we are setting up a Curriculum Equality Group - made up of staff, parents and pupils - to independently advise on the content of our curriculum, policies and practice  

Please  check back in the coming weeks for information on how to get involved with this group