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Nottingham Girls' Academy

ClassCharts - Monitoring Behaviour

The Academy records positive and negative behaviour events in a system called ‘ClassCharts’. It is an online system, which teachers use to track achievement and behaviour throughout the school year.

ClassCharts has a parent app that allows us to securely share behaviour information with parents/carers in real time.



Positive behaviour is recognised with BUILD points.  Students are awarded BUILD points for developing their character, showing resilience, demonstrating effort above-and-beyond usual expectations and random acts of kindness. BUILD points contribute to rewards such as trips and invitations to special events in school.

In contrast to this, pupils lose BUILD points for negative behaviour. In particular, negative events are recorded if pupils disrupt learning, fall short of our high expectations regarding conduct, punctuality or uniform, or if they display rude or unkind behaviour.

If your daughter is issued with an after-school detention, we will inform you via the app, and she may need to complete this that same day. Sanctions and measures that we use to reinforce our code of conduct and support pupils in reaching the standards we expect include:

  • Removal of privileges.
  • Break, lunch and after school detentions.
  • Placed on daily report to Tutor, Head of Year or Senior Leader.
  • Internal isolation.
  • Short-term placement at another Academy.
  • Fixed Term Exclusion.

In cases of persistent poor behaviour or for extremely serious breaches of the code of conduct, pupils may be:

  • Placed in an Alternative Provision.
  • Given the opportunity of a fresh start at another city school via a ‘managed move’.
  • Permanently excluded.

At the beginning of the year parents and pupils will be given their unique codes to log onto either the parent app or the student app. This gives you both a chance to track the live feed of information coming through so that we can work together to ensure that Nottingham Girls’ Academy has the best conducive learning environment possible, resulting in academia and character progress.

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