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Nottingham Girls' Academy

Discipline and Sanctions

Greenwood Academies Trust Behaviour Policy

For the Academy to run efficiently and for our girls to gain the most out of the education offered, a high standard of discipline is expected at all times. Anti-social or disruptive behaviour is dealt with promptly and sanctions imposed.

All staff are expected to encourage high standards of behaviour, work and dress. Staff are vigorously supported to achieve these expectations by Heads of Year, Heads of Department and the Senior Leadership Team, led by the Principal. Parents are also involved as quickly as possible, so that home and the Academy can work in partnership to solve problems which may arise.

We are proud of the high standards of discipline we set and achieve. All pupils are encouraged to develop an enquiring mind, a sense of purpose and a determination to work hard. At the centre of the Academy's code of conduct is respect and consideration for other people and their property. A system of merit awards exists to reward excellence in its various forms.

The Academy's code of conduct is brought to the attention of pupils throughout the academic year and parents are informed of this code at meetings, by letters home and on this website.


It is clearly in the best interests of everyone that anti-social behaviour should be punished. The sanctions used at the Nottingham Girls' Academy are:


A pupil is kept behind for a period of time after Academy hours, to be kept constructively busy doing extra work. If a pupil is to be kept in detention longer than 10 minutes, 24 hours notice will always be given to parents in writing.

On Report:

Pupils who are causing concern in lessons because of a lack of effort or poor behaviour may be put ‘on report'.

The pupils will be monitored by teaching staff in each lesson and the report seen by a senior member of staff at the end of each day. Parents are also expected to read and sign the report each evening at home.


If pupils fail to respond and continue to disrupt the smooth running of the Academy they may be excluded from the Academy for a fixed period of time, or permanently.

Paying for Damage:

If pupils deliberately damage any part of the Academy, they will be expected to pay the full cost of replacement or repair.