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E Safety

E Safety

E-Safety Information for Parents

Did you know that most social media platforms (apps, websites) have a minimum sign-up age of 13?  If your daughter is below that age, then they are breaking the Terms and Conditions of the platform and/or breaking the law!  Parents are always responsible for ensuring their child's social media activity is monitored.

You can view the Popular App Guide for Parents and Teachers (with icons) here.

The Academy has taken the decision to block all social networking sites. Unfortunately that doesn't stop issues arising at home and then spilling into the classroom. We encourage parents to consider disallowing these sites at home. With the rise in popularity and availability of mobile internet, many young people can access sites through their own internet connected devices.

Staff respond quickly to resolve issues arising from exchanges where they impact on pupils' wellbeing.  Parents are kept informed of any actions that staff need to take.

Read more information about keeping safe online in our Digital Citizenship Contract on our Policies page.

Don't become a Victim of Cyber Crime!  - Useful Tips

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Is your child a cyberbully and if so, what should you do?

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E Safety